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Combining award-winning technology with more than 25 years of consistent, innovative, facility service cleaning experience – MJM Janitorial Services is the leading choice of business in the janitorial industry.

Operating through an infrastructure of two branch offices in California, and supportive contractors state wide, MJM Janitorial merges national accessibility with the regional and local services you need.

MJM Janitorial’s management team learned early on that merely cleaning well did not guarantee accounts. We needed to provide services that customers valued and build loyalty in order to survive. Value-added services, reporting procedures, and clear communication helped us to determine what building managers wanted and needed.

We understand that every building and business have their own unique way of running, and own characteristics. A complete working plan is created for each facility: specialized cleaning diagrams, daily schedules, and a complete quality assurance program.

As well as recognizing the link between product quality and customer satisfaction, we also recognize that product quality is the result of process quality. As a result, there is a focus on continuous development of the company’s processes. This will lead to an improvement in process quality and product quality, and eventually an increase in customer satisfaction! This is our ultimate goal. We provide services and benefits that are unsurpassed in the industry today.

Federal Government Contracts

US Army Corps of Engineers

    Los Angeles District

US Department of Transportation, FAA, ATCT's

    Southern CA

NAVFAC Midwest, Marine Corps Reserve Training Center


State Government Contracts

Employment Development Dept.

    Fresno, CA

Employment Development Dept.

    Los Banos, CA

Edd Merced

    Sacramento, CA

CHP Chowchilla

    Le Grand, CA

CHP. Fleet Operations Section S.

    Torrance, CA

Caltrans District 6- North Region

    Fresno, CA

Housing Authorities

    Fresno, CA

Employment Development Dept.

    Fresno, CA

US Postal. Crenshaw Plaza

    Los Angeles, CA

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